How To Enable Clipboard In Windows 10


You have a question in your mind , can I paste the text which I have copied in the morning, or can I paste my text from my laptop to my smartphone? so here is the answer for windows 10 users its clipboard. You can paste all your content on any device with the help of clipboard.

Follow these simple steps to set up clipboard in windows 10 :-

  • In Windows 10 you have to go to All Settings, you can go by clicking on the notification panel which is at the bottom right corner, or you can simply search “settings”.

all settings

  • Now we are here on the “Settings” window, go to option system.

settings window

  • A new window will open, at the left-hand side there are some options, the last third option is clipboard click on it.clipboard
  • Now you can see a clipboard window is opened. Switch “on” the first option and now your clipboard is turned on. Its shortcut key is “window logo + v”. switch on clipboard
  • Now your clipboard is turned on, to see the clipboard window simply press window logo + v, you can see one small window is opened, this is what clipboard is.
  • clipboardNow let’s check how it works, simply go to notepad or any other text editor, simply type anything and copy the text.NOTEPAD
  • Now press enter and open the clipboard. You can see the copied text is there. Click on it, you can see your text is pasted.

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  • Now one more thing I will show you, type anything else, again copy that text, then open the clipboard, you can see your both text are here in the clipboard. You can paste both texts anywhere.


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