Looking for the best phones with cheap prices, Here is the list of the best phones under 20k 5G phones with smart features SoCs from Qualcomm and Media Tek getting more powerful, camera with high features are easily available in 15k to 20k, these best phones offer almost everything of high-end quality, except a flagship processor. That includes high refresh rate displays, high-resolution multi-camera setups, new designs and long battery life, and fast charging is almost available in every 5G phones.

Moto G 5G

moto gThe best choice in 20000  with 5G smartphone for Gamers as well as for photographers with latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G powering the devices, this phones the plenty headroom to help with smooth performance across the latest games coming with 60Hz display.


Screen Size                           :                       6.7” (1080 x 2400)

Camera                                 :                       48 + 8 + 2 | 16 MP

RAM                                       :                       4 GB

Battery                                  :                       5000mAh

Operating  System          :                       Android

Soc                                         :                       Qualcomm SM7225

Snapdragon 750G 5G

Processor                             :                       Octa-core

Price                                         :                      ₹20,999


MI 10I 64GB

THE MI 10I is a little bit more than 20k but it offers more features and performance than other under 20k phones you will found a better camera with high resolution main camera , 120Hz refresh rate of the display and unique fascinated design and MI is the best 5G smartphone choice to have in 2021 with updated technology. The MI is the only phone in current state which is competing with OnePlus Nord 5G and Moto G 5G , after all OnePlus Nord is still beating other 5G devices with its overall performance.



Screen size                              :                       6.67”(1080 x 2400)

Camera                                   :                       6GB

Battery                                    :                       4820mAHh

Operating  System            :                       Android

Soc                                          :                       Qualcomm SM7225

                                                                        Snapdragon 750G 5GB

Processor                                :                       octa-core


Price                                         :                   ₹21999




There is another best option for you to buy a 5G smartphone under 20k POCO X3 runson a fast snapdragon 732G processor, with 120Hz refresh rate of display which makes it very very smooth and fluid display that is designed for high FPS gaming ,POCO X3 have 64MP quad camera AND 6000mAh battery life and the device charged very quickly with 33W fast charging support.


Screen Size                                     :                  6.67”(1080 x 2340)

Camera                                            :                  64 + 13+ 2 + 2 | 20 MP

RAM                                                 :                  6GB

Battery                                            :                  6000mAh

Operating  System                   :                  Android

Soc                                                   :                  Qualcomm

Snapdragon    732G

Processor                                         :                  octa-corer

Price                                                 :                  ₹ 16999


The Realme 7 Pro comes with a snapdragon of 720G and high magnified camera of 64MP quad camera setup and AMOLED display on top, the best thing in this device is 65W fast charger, it can charge your device in just 40 min 100%


Screen Size                         :                      6.4” (1080 x 2400 )

Camera                                 :                       64 + 8 + 2 + 2 | 32 MP

RAM                                       :                       6GB

Battery                                  :                       4500mAh

Operating System            :                       Android

Soc                                           :                       Qualcomm SM7125

Snapdragon 720G

Processor                     :                  Octa – core

Price will vary on online shopping apps




The Samsung galaxy m31s is coming with huge battery pack of 6000mAh which can very helpful to heavy users, but we know very well that thing the huge battery life takes much time than others devices to fully charge  so Samsung users has faced this problem with their devices, The device also supports FHD + AMOLED displays for maximum power efficiency, the camera is seriously very awesome with high resolution 64MP anf front of 32MP,if you are looking for smart or under your budget so Samsung galaxy m31s is the best to buy in this time with long battery life can say choosing M31S will be the best option.


Screen Size                          :                       6.5” (1080 x 2400 )

Camera                                  :                       64 + 12 + 5 + 5 | 32 MP

RAM                                       :                       6GB

Battery                                   :                       6000mAh

Operating System                :                       Android

Soc                                         :                       Exynos 9611

Processor                              :                       Octa-core

Price will vary on online shopping apps.


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