What Are Backlinks in SEO & What Are The Advantages of Backlinks?


 Backlink is a connection one site gets from another site.  Backlinks have a gigantic effect on a sites noticeable quality in web crawler comes about. This is the reason they are viewed Or exceptionally helpful for enhancing a site’s SEO positioning. If you want to boost traffic on your site then you must have backlink on your site but first  SEO is important. The more good backlinks you are having, the more referral traffic will be coming to your site. These backlinks play role in evaluating search ranking also. So good backlink Profile is going to give you a good position.

Good search position=Good traffic base.

There are millions of sites online and it is important for you to look out for sites, that helps in referring your site to google. If you find quality sites you get quality backlinks or you will get quality references. Now it is up to you check the sites, niche and their quality before asking for backlinks. 

Some ways to get quality  backlinks for your blog :-

  • Write meaningful articles. 
  • Start commenting. 
  • Submit to web directories. 


Is backlink worth? 

Yes, this is the only thing which is working the most in SEO. Good quality backlinks are going to give you benefit and it will improve lots of matrices related to your site. Creating backlink for a website is a part of off-page SEO. Quality backlinks help your website to get high rank in search engine. It is also good to generate traffic for the website.

How to create backlinks? 

To create backlinks, it is neither simple nor easy. In fact, it requires creativity, dedication and hard work. If you follow these steps, you can build some amazing backlinks.

  • Find links
  • link prospecting
  • Content link worthiness
  • linkbait
  • link outreach
  • guest posting
  • business listing
  • PPT submission
  • press release
  • infographics submission

Link building is never-ending in SEO, but a little creativity & smart tactics can help your ferret out great link opportunities from their hiding posts. 

E-mail outreach:

  • legendary skyscraper technique. 
  • general blogger outreach: target authors of resources pages, top lists, guides. 
  • Use google search operator’s to find prospects exact match. 
  • stolen images reclamation, create a list of URLs of your images, paste them to Google image search and try to find a backlink on-site where your images are. If there’s no backlink, outreach the authors. 
  • turn brand and name, mention into backlinks by setting up Google alerts.

Technical thing’s:

  • broken link building
  • fixing 404 errors on your site
  • internal linking
  • hunting for expired domains
  • creating a tool 
  • PBN


  • on site sharing button
  • social outreach, tag other’s on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn
  • share to download button (pay by a tweet, by links, by share) 
  • commenting on Quora, Reddit and other forums. 

Are backlinks really useful? 

Literally yes, backlinks remains a crucial factor for organic search, ranking. According to Brian Dean of Backlinko, the number of referring domains is one of Google’s most important ranking factors. The more total referencing domains a site has, the higher the site ranking on google. 

  • write high-quality content and publish on your site
  • research and start your competitor’s backlink. 
  • generate backlinks with infographics
  • use reverse image search to generate backlinks
  • write testimonials for other website
  • build backlinks from outdated resources
  • build authoritative links with HARO
  • scoop. it backlinks
  • build backlinks from broken link building 
  • submit your site to CSS galleries
  • contact journalists and important blogger

How many backlinks per day is safe? 

Build not more than 10 backlinks, per day is very good and useful for the website organic traffic. If a person who is just started learning SEO, couldn’t build their count in one day as submitting 20 or 30 submissions. Getting backlinks is the most effective way to improve your rankings. Not all backlinks are equal though. Some backlink won’t improve your rankings at all and some might even have a negative effect. Therefore, your focus should be on acquiring high-quality backlinks. 

Look, if you want to rank on google you need backlinks, we all know this it’s hard and that’s why a lot of people pay for them. Paying for them is against  Google’s policy. It’s a  way to get your site banned. 

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How do you build backlinks? 

It does require hard work, I’m not going to tell you that you’re just going to get their links in wave a magic and do nothing but if you’re willing to do the work it’s not hard to get these backlinks. 

The key to building backlinks is to earn high-quality backlinks. High-quality backlinks mean that first, they are from a website with a relevant topic to yours, such as a marketing website linking to another marketing website and second that they are preferably from a website with a high Domain Rating(DR). Domain rating involves the calculation of relative link Popularity, which means that if a website has many backlinks, a higher domain rating can be expected. 

Of course, having high-quality content is essential for earning more and Better backlinks. However, next to that, there are other easy backlink building methods that can help you get high-quality backlinks. 

1.Backlink poaching (lean from your competitors) 

2.Replace broken links. 

It would be unrealistic to expect all of your backlinks to be perfect and just because a backlink doesn’t meet all of there criteria it doesn’t make it low quality. If you can get a backlink to your business website or blog that ticks at least a few of these boxes then it’s definitely worth having in your sites link profile. The more you want to achieve (in terms of keyword target, rankings and visitors numbers) the more backlink you’ll need. You can potentially rank your business website or blog with literally just a few backlinks but that would be for low competition, keywords with low search volumes, meaning you would get few visitors to your site or blog. 

A small business should be looking to get so quality backlinks to get their SEO campaign off to a good start. With SEO quality backlinks it would be reasonable to expect first page rankings for 5 or so key words of average competitiveness. Focusing on no. of backlinks, rather than the quality of them, it is a common mistake you should be clear on the fact that backlinks aren’t all equal in value. It doesn’t matter how many links you build in a day because Google only considers those links which are quality and which are valuable to your website. Don’t try to build those links which will harm your website. 

Why check backlinks? 

There are so many different reasons why you may want to use a backlinks checker and an individual specific reason will depend on what job there are trying to do. Different stakeholders will have a variety of need’s so a range of SEO tools may be needed to gather the comprehensive data requirements of your backlinks. 

Domain name traders may have an interest in website provenance and may need to identify the external backlinks in order to decide where to invest. Monitor links of your main competitors and gain valuable insights. Successful SEO backlink prospecting exercises could move a website. 

Good link:

  • Links inside the content should be better.
  • Content should unique, related and readable. 
  • Links from long and quality articles are worth more. 
  • Domains authority and page authority should be good and solid social media presence. 
  • Link is coming from related site because relevancy is very important. 
  • Avoid keyword stuffing. 
  • Avoid duplicate content. 

Bad link:

  • The backlink is on a page with thin and low-quality content. 
  • A backlink is bad if it’s from a website that was penalized by google. 
  • Do follow site-wide and footer backlinks can trigger Google penalties. 
  • Link exchanges are bad. 
  • Paid link building. 
  • Copy or duplicate content. 
  • Domain authority as well as page authority is low.
  • The link is coming from an unrelated website. 
  • No follow link. 
  • Link is bad if it’s from hacked website’s or it’s hidden in CSS and hidden content. 
  • Automatically generated backlinks are bad. 


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