What is influencer marketing: How to develop your strategy

influencer marketing

Every business once in a while gets a chance to be unwillingly promoted by a local fan, famous person or celebrity. And that doesn’t have to be done intentionally. The results are just awesome and introducing the crowd to a product or service are worth trying. If we think about why this happens, it can hardly be explained. But the best way to define this is as some kind of connection that people share with influencers or in other words experts in specific industries.

What is influencer marketing?

We all must face, the face that long gone are the days when consumers trusted advertisements. They don’t fall easily in the hands of the media nowadays or trust anything they see online. Some as that, they don’t trust people who push their products or services to them.
Influencers are the people who have to build their reputation for themselves on digital platforms on large scale. One way of identifying an influencer is that they have gained quite many followers through their specific content and have gained the power to influence the decision of their follower’s to some extent.
However, the people they see and engage within their everyday lives are essentially a group of people they can trust. Especially the ones that are known as influencers in an industry. Now, an influencer in the fashion industry can be a fashion blogger and an influencer in the sports industry can be a sports TV journalist. It is easy to spot them and find them. The reason why they are able to drive so much traffic, though it is simple Because of the loyalty of their audience, it’s number and the focused posts on a specific industry. They are able to make people believe that a product or a service is really good even if actually isn’t.

influencer marketing

Steps to create a successful influencer marketing program

• determine your goals
• find an appropriate influencer
• trust influencer with content creation
• prepare for effective execution
• reward the influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies today. The reason for its popularity Items from the fact that customer’s of today are more informed than ever. When it comes to making perhaps decision, influencer are the ones you driving them which means that the strategies that might have worked once are not as effective as they once were.
Benefits to working with influencer
Connecting with influencer industry can have so many benefits for your business/brand

• Increase brand awareness
• Expand your reach and build trust.
• Easily measure the effectiveness of campaigns
• Negate adblocking
• Good bang for your buck
• Improve SEO
• Stay out of the limelight

Every platform comes up with some new innovative ways of working that create opportunities for both marketers and influencers to do best at their level. The primary advantage of having on influencer marketing platform is that you can manage everything at single place, finding the best influencer, monitoring the campaign, analytics , maintain the relationship with influencer and a lot more.
There are number of benefits to working with influencers that will aid with different parts of the computer journey. Influencer marketing is primarily an upper funnel activity to help raise awareness for a brand and it’s product’s and service’s. They generally work around a particular niche and generate useful and engaging content. They are expert in their niche so their words, photos etc can create an impact on their followers.
Mega influencer- More than a million follower’s
Macro influencer- 100,000 to a million follower’s
Micro influencer- 5,000 to 100,000 follower’s
Nano influencer- less than 5000 follower’s

What are some top influencer marketing platform?

With the rise in the no. of influencers and the scope of influencer marketing, the demand for influencer marketing platform has also increased. An influencer marketing platform is a software solution designed to assist brands with their influencer marketing campaigns. More recently influencer platforms have expanded their offerings to include relationship management, campaign management, influencer marketing places, third party analytics and influencer content amplification.
List of top influencer marketing platforms-
Upfluence-(influencer marketing platform)
Upfluence is a self serve platform, allowing it to set it’s pricing at a level affordable by small and medium sized businesses although companies like Microsoft and PayPal also utilize it’s services.
It has recently grown out of two product’s façade, a social media search engine and publisher an influencer management system. It uses a massive database with 500million items of content, spread, across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and blogs. Businesses can search through the database to find influencers that match their specific criteria.

influencer marketing

Aspire IQ(Formerly Revfluence)

Aspire IQ is a self service platform, working with Instagram and YouTube, with a database of more than 150,000 influencers who have opted into the system. Although anybody can sigh up for Aspire IQ, creators have to meet the criteria to be able to view brand’s or campaign.
Any influencer that meets the criteria and passes a manual review to ensure posted content is Suitable gets entered into Aspire IQ searchable database and is, in turn able to see any proposals from brands. It has a simple search engine including the tinder like “Quick match” which does it’s best to matchup brands and influencers for a particular campaign.

Creator IQ-

Creator IQ relies on tech to not only simplify the influencer marketing process but also to solve problems that have long plagued the industry follower’s and in authentic influencers. They include some very recognisable names amongst their clients, including Disney, Tiffany& Co. ;Unilever, Dell and Ralph Lauren. They freely acknowledge that their client base is large companies with the smallest clients in their published list earning around $100m annually.

Social Baker’s-

Social Baker’s begin in 2009 as a social media marketing agency called Candytech. Candytech created it’s own software platform to mine and analyze as much data as Fb’s APIs would allow them to. This was the beginning of what would become Social Baker’s influencer marketing platform.
Social Baker’s collect a lot of data on your engaged audience. Bots, ghosts and lurkers are all discounted to keep the data is used by an AI engine to create a detailed persona map of the average audience member to whom you wish to market.

Viral pitch-

Viral pitch is predominantly an influencer platform designed for brands to discover influencers, based on their postings on FB, twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
They have a gigantic database of 10 million influencers along with extensive demographic data about each influencers following.





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